About Ursem

Ursem Modulaire Bouwsystemen was set up from a vision: traditional building is overtaken by industrial building methods, with low building cost and high quality.

It is the involvement of our shareholders, Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling (on behalf of Ballast-Nedam) and Schouten Techniek, that enables us to broaden our product range and allows integral design for installations and building elements. Ursem has grown into one of the most advanced modular system suppliers in Europe.

The new building

Ursem Modulaire Bouwsystemen is frontrunner in the world of “new building”. During the last decennia, the building system has evolved and was perfected together with customers, building and installation partners, architects and consultants. The new building is increasingly the alternative for traditional building.

Our products are produced in a controlled environment and are easily and quickly fitted on location. Besides an efficiency increase, shorter construction time and constant quality, this building method is also beneficiary on sustainability level.

Team Modular

Team Modulair is a cooperation between Ursem Modulaire Bouwsystemen, Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling and Schouten Techniek. With an integral approach, we offer a suitable building solution for our customers specific demands.

Team Modulair’s projects are characterised by perfect management of the building process. By the integral approach, risks are reduced and production takes place at two locations simultaneously: at the Ursem factory and on the construction site.