202 hotelrooms

YOTEL Amsterdam

Amsterdam North

Project details
ClientHeddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling
DeveloperBeing Development
Contractor(s)Ursem Modulaire Bouwsystemen, Schouten Techniek
LocationAmsterdam North
Building systemUrsem FullCon
Type of buildingHotel
Number of Modules226
Production rate3 per day
CertificationBREEAM Excellent
This project has been finished See the project page for more information.
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Yotel Amsterdam was recently opened in a festive way. The result is impressive and we are proud of the fact that we have produced the modules for this innovative and sustainable hotel.

Work on the YOTEL Amsterdam project site is in full swing. Once our modules have been installed, they will be linked to each other in terms of installation technology.

Also, the floors of our modules have recently been finished on location. Of course we can deliver the modules including finishing floor, but because the choice of finishing at the time of production was unknown, the modules were delivered without finishing floor.

The delivery of our modules will start next week, after which they will start to be fitted out. Recently, two hotel rooms were fully furnished as a trial, to the complete satisfaction of the client.


In just 3 weeks time, 134 modules have already been delivered and installed on location and this morning the construction of the 4th floor was started!

Our modules are already equipped on our high-end production platform with finishing, bathroom and installations of and by Schouten Techniek BV. On site, the 226 modules are completed in just 33 days by Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V. stacked into a building of no less than 8 floors high. 

View the current progress on location via the following link: www.yotel.timeboxview.com

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